Hot Air Balloon

We will fly at the most beautiful wetland on Langmusi grassland. You will see streams go through the ocean of flowers. The nomads are camping just down there, yaks and sheep are everywhere below you.

Flights are at dawn when the air is cool and calm. Dawn varies from 5AM in midsummer to 8AM in winter, allow 4hours for the experience. Hot air ballooning is weather dependent; therefore we recommend a ballooning trip near the start of your stay in Langmusi. This gives you the chance to re-book if the weather is not suitable on your chosen day.


We can take no more than 5 passengers for each flight. It's 3500yuan for each flight. You need to make your own group.

Please note maximum weight for all the group passengers together is 350kg.


* Transportion between your accommodation in Langmusi to the launch site. Nearly 40min driving for one way.

* A 30 min to 50 min flight. We encourage our passengers to assist the crew to inflate the balloon and also to help pack it away after the flight.