Cycling to find Wild Deer
- 2 Day Bicycle Trip

Day 1

Set out from Langmusi at 9:30a.m. After driving for 1.5hours, you will arrive Donglie where is the start point of the cycling. Today we will ride to Amitang. It's a real forest without many travellers. And it's also one of the favourite place for the wild Sika deer - this is a good chance to see them up close.

Tonight is a real homestay with local Tibetan family in Donglie Village.

About the Riding Path:

It's 26km paved small road from Donglie (2600m elevation) to Amitang (2900m). Only few village' vehicles driving on this road.

Day 2

On this day we will depart from the home-stay family towards Zhagana. From Donglie to Zhagana, the first 9 km is almost all flat. After turning onto a smaller road, you will ride on an ascent for 22km ending with a 200m elevation gain. After riding, you can do a 1-4hours valley hike as you wish. At the end, it's a 2hours car driving back to Langmusi from Zhagana.

About the home-stay and food:

Our homestays are with Tibetan families. You will visit traditional homes and engage with the family. But you will all need to share one large room. There are no private rooms available. Showers are available when it is sunny, and the toilets are outside of homes.

You are going to taste their traditional food with pork, vegetable and rice.


Book The Trip

Includes: mountain bikes, a mini-van all the way, home-stay, Day 1 dinner and Day 2 breakfast with the family.

Group SizePrice
One person travelling alone1200yuan
Group - 2 persons800yuan pax
Group - 3 persons700yuan pax
Group - 4 or more persons600yuan pax

The Professional Mountain Bikes we provide -

SHIMANO M410 Transmission Suit, AVID BB5 Disc Brake & JOY 4 Bearing Hub

If I am not a professional biker, can I handle this highland ride?

You can save your energy as much as possible with our professional mountain bikes. Besides, there is always a mini-van driving along with you so anytime when you feel tired, you can drive inside the van and start riding again whenever you choose.