Through the Grasslands to Mountains
- 2 Day Hiking

It's a trek through grasslands to mountains and forests.

You will see how the landscape changes from grasslands to mountains.

You will have the chance to meet wild Sika deer up close.

Day 1
Trekking through the Grasslands to Mountains

We set out from Langmusi at 10am. We will drive 20 min to Reerdaba to start today's hike there. The first 2 hours of walking is on the flat grassland. After that, we will arrive at the border of the Rerdaba and Amitang Autumn grasslands. We will turn to follow the mountains, walking up the stream for approximately 2 hours and crossing a mountain pass through pine forests.

We will start the hike from this huge flat grassland.

Following the mountain range, we have walked through the grasslands to the mountains.

The zone of transition is also the farming-pastoral region. People herd on the high mountain pasture and farm in the lower valley.

We walk through the pines for at least 2 hours and the forest will then open up to the 'Amitang Village.' Today's hiking time is approximately 6 hours. The altitude drops from 3300m to 2800m.

After a break in Amitang, a car will drive us to the Xiangduo village 22km away. On this night we will stay with one family in the village. Xiangduo is a village of traditional Tibetan farmers.

Walking through the forest,the Amitang Village emerges in the open area.

What a colorful autumn!

The homestay village


Day 2 Hike around Mt. Maiguo

We will depart Xiangduo Village around 9:00am and drive to Nixian Yemple. Today's purpose is to walk around the mountain behind the temple, named 'Maiguo' and walk through colourful forests to alpine meadows. The different mountain sceneries and huge rocky outcrops will surprise you. After going back to Nixian Temple, a car will drive you back to Langmusi.

Today's total hiking time will be approximately 5 hours, about 3 hours up and 2 hours descending. The altitude rises from 2800m to 3400m and drops to 2800m again.

Benba Village

Benba Village

Nixian Temple and Mt. Maiguo

Tired? Take a rest on the grassland

The highest point of today's hike

This area has the most wild Sika Deer in China.

Price for 2021

Book The Trek
Low season price
April to June
26th Aug - Nov.
except 1- 6 Oct.
High season price
1st July-25th Aug.
1st-6th Oct.
Group-2 persons1200yuan pax1500yuan pax
Group-3 persons850yuan pax1000yuan pax
Group-4 to 8 persons700yuan pax850yuan pax
Group-9 or more persons600yuan pax700yuan pax

The fee includes:

* Guides, food, home-stay and car.

* For very good hikers, if you want to challenge yourself, we can start the hike from Langmusi which means 3 more hours hiking on Day 1. This extra hiking will cost you a little bit more.

Which is the fast way to reach Langmusi?

Tianjing, Xi'an and Chengdu have straight flights to Xiahe airport where is only 2.5h driving distance. Jiuzhaigou airport is 4h driving to Langmusi. Otherwise you can fly to Lanzhou.

You need to prepare

  • A small backpack (around 35L) to carry your personal belongings.
  • April - Early May 1 down coat,1 jacket, 1 long underwear trouseres and gloves
  • Mid May - Mid June 2 fleeces, 1 jacket and gloves
  • Late June - Mid Aug. 1 fleece, 1 jacket, mosquito repellant
  • Late Aug. - Mid Sept. 2 fleeces, 1 jacket, long underwear trouseres and gloves.
  • Late Sept. - Mid Nov. 1 down coat, 1 jacket, 1 long underwear trouseres and gloves.