White Dragon River - 1 Day Trail

We set out from Langmusi at 10 a.m. along the White Dragon River.

You can see the snowy views only in April, May and October.

In June, the bushes are all covered by yellow flowers.

The White Dragon River

1.5hours later, we will arrive at the entrance of the 'Xiu're' valley which is a small summer rangeland. Some Tibetan families live in this rangeland and we will have lunch with one family.

After the middle of September, there is the colorful autumn.

After lunch, we will continue horse-riding to get the source of the White Dragon River. Then, we will return back to Langmusi the same way.

The colors of September

This trek will take approximately 5hours.

If I only have half a day in Langmusi, can I manage this trek?

It is okay for you to start this trek on the same day as departing early morning from Xiahe or Jiuzhaigou, to Langmusi. Arrive in Langmusi around 12:00 noon. Take lunch by yourself after arriving. The latest starting time for this trek is around 1:30pm.

Price for 2021

Book The Trip
One person travelling alone 650yuan
Group - 2 or more persons450yuan pax
A child who can't ride by himself
(He/she will get his own guide.)
650yuan pax

These costs are all inclusive of guide, horses and lunch.

For people who weigh over 85kg we can only offer hiking, as our horses are not big enough. If hiking is not your option, we have motorbike driving.

Which is the fast way to reach Langmusi?

Tianjing, Xi'an and Chengdu have straight flights to Xiahe airport where is only 2.5h driving distance. Jiuzhaigou airport is 4h driving to Langmusi. Otherwise you can fly to Lanzhou.

Please note that even if you are unsure about your preferred booking dates, you can still book a trek with us and we can arrange a date change if required. If the new trekking dates are unavailable, we will provide a full refund. However in both cases, you will need to contact us 3 days prior to your previously booked program.

We offer

  • We offer professional training in horseback riding for beginners.
  • On the trail, you will have local Tibetan guides and a friendly nomadic host family. Our guides have an abundance of local knowledge and know the local nomad communities well. However please note, they are not English-speaking guides.
  • We also provide professional equipment:
The special stirrup to make sure you will not get stuck.The saddle cushion will make your bottom feel better

You need to prepare

  • April - Early May 1 down coat, jacket, 2 long underwear trousers & gloves.
  • Mid May - Mid June 2 fleeces and jacket, 1 long underwear trousers & gloves.
  • Late June - Mid Aug. 1 fleece, jacket & mosquito repellant .
  • Late Aug. - Mid Sept. 2 fleeces, jacket, 1 long underwear trousers & gloves.
  • Late Sept. - Mid Nov. 1 down coat, jacket, 2 long underwear trousers & gloves.
  • If you don't have warm clothes with you, traditional Tibetan coats ('chupas') can be rented here.